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Welcome to Zulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd

We are a specialist joint integrity management and joint integrity training provider with a strong track record of providing solutions to the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, power, steel making and process industries. Working in partnership with our clients to identify, define and deliver innovative solutions to achieve a leak free start-up of plant, we focus on providing high quality, high value professional services by optimising our skills and experience.

Adherence to regulatory compliance, industry guidelines and best practice to prevent process leaks includes proving competency. This is a hot topic in the process industry. The need to understand the principles of mechanical joint integrity and to have the underpinning knowledge and skill set to work safely on bolted joints (particularly in highly hazardous areas) are greater now than ever before.

Zulu Joint Integrity & Training is proud to support such an industry in terms of joint integrity management and training. We are completely dedicated in working with our clients at every stage of their journey to ensure that they help raise the bar in terms of proving competence of their workforce (and contractors) and reduce their environmental impact to achieve zero emissions and obtain a safe, leak free start-up of plant - improving safety, quality and environmental standards.

Contact us today to start taking the steps toward coaching, assessing and training your personnel with the underpinning knowledge required to correctly break containment and re-make bolted flange joints using best practice and industry guidelines.


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