🎄🎅🏻⛄️The gift that keeps on giving….all year round.

*Our new 36 page joint integrity handbook (complete with double sided flange gap tool).

Perfect for all personnel working with bolted flange joints on pressurised systems. Inside you will find a wealth of information taken from the most up to date industry standards.

Guidance on flange disassembly, flange bolt size & number charts, ring joint dimensions, flange/stud/nut identification, spiral wound gasket colour coding, flange surface finish & flatness guide, flange defect guide, flange alignment, thread engagement and bolt lubrication guide, flange tightening sequences, torque value data and much more! – all packed into this pocket sized booklet.

The perfect reference document for apprentices, mechanical fitters, technicians, operators and engineers; anyone working on bolted flange joints.

**FREE** to all learners attending any of our industry approved, competency based joint integrity training and assessment courses.

Contact us for further details;
Zulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd
( Phoenix Technology Group )

Email: info@zulujointintegrity.co.uk
Tel: 01246 209680

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