Gas Industry Support

In our continued support to the UK bulk liquid and gas storage terminals, Christopher Mellows travelled last week to Hemel Hempstead last week to deliver training at the Buncefield oil storage facility.

Bulk storage terminals are often overlooked in terms of mechanical joint integrity as they are not seen as running process units and the emphasis on compliance can be less than that of an oil refinery or chemical plant, however the same issues and challenges exist – therefore the same levels of scrutiny and standards must be obtained at all times.

More than 50% of process safety near misses and incidents at bulk storage terminals are caused by human failure and today’s training forms part of our clients’ total dedication to ensuring its personnel have the required competencies when working with bolted joints to ensure a safe leak free working environment.

Reflecting on the event that happened at the terminal back in 2005, it’s evident to see the destruction and potential loss of life that could result when something goes wrong.

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