Today I’m once again travelling to Essex to support Oikos Storage Limited

Their Thames estuary site is a significant marine fed oil, fuel and bulk liquid import and storage facility and we are pleased to be part of their ongoing joint integrity competency training and assessment programme.

Often overlooked (in terms of mechanical joint integrity) bulk storage terminals are equally as important as an oil refinery or chemical plant…

…and if you don’t agree with that – cast your mind back to December 11th 2005 and the major fire at the oil storage facility at Buncefield. That proved to our industry that when things go wrong (for whatever reason) the resulting effects can be catastrophic and devastating not just to the storage facility but also to the outside community.

Kudos to Gavin Salmon CMIOSH AIEMA and his team for driving best practice and regulatory compliance in “keeping the genie in the bottle” and driving down the possibility of LOPC from bolted flange joints.” Christopher Mellows, Director, Zulu Joint Integrity and Training Ltd

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