Great end to the week!

In our continued support to the UK bulk liquid and gas storage terminals, today our team are delivering industry standard joint integrity training and assessment to one of our newest clients in the South East region of the United Kingdom. Bulk storage terminals are often overlooked in terms of mechanical joint integrity as they are

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Who could have predicted the events that currently surround us in every part of the World? It’s certainly been challenging for us all. We still have an onsite presence carrying out joint integrity support at various sites and through vigorous risk assessment and the introduction of appropriate safety measures, we continue to deliver our training

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ReAct Funding

Have you been made redundant? Do you live in Wales? This could help…. The Welsh Government’s Redundancy Action Scheme (ReAct) fund can help you retrain and update your skills for free. ReAct awards up to £1,500 to fund your training. You can split the funding between numerous courses and it can help you cover expenses

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Unbelievably, many COMAH sites operate without a joint integrity management system or program in place. It is sometimes seen as a financial burden to the asset – however the cost of not addressing compliance far outweighs the cost in ensuring a leak free operating environment. Risk of loss of primary containment is amplified when there

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Welsh Nuclear Forum

Proud to say that we’ve renewed our membership of Wales Nuclear Forum and look forward to attending future events. The Wales Nuclear Forum is the leading pan-Wales forum, which provides a platform for strategic engagement between the nuclear industry and Welsh-based suppliers.

Nuclear Industry

As part of our focus and development strategy, we have successfully expanded our existing power generation scope of services to include that of the nuclear industry and last week we were pleased to have welcome candidates from that sector to receive specialist joint integrity training and assessment.


Today we are looking back over the last twelve months at some of our highlights of the key customers that we have supported – and in particular focusing on Tata Steel and their apprentice training programme at Port Talbot works, We have been supporting Tata Steel at Port Talbot for several years in terms of

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