By utilising our full group manufacturing and support services to industry we ensure that COMAH assets are fully compliant in terms of regulatory conformance, industry guidelines and best practice and that all necessary measures are met to ensure total compliance. Whether it be supporting an apprentice training program, supplying our UK manufactured gaskets or managing

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ECITB MJI10 – Ledwood Mechanical Engineering Ltd

Congratulations to the class from Ledwood Mechanical Engineering Ltd on successfully completing our ECITB accredited MJI10 joint integrity training course. Contact our team for available training and assessment dates throughout March and April 2021. If you are a member of a levy organisation, you may be eligible for funding. info@zulujointintegrity.co.ukZulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd


This week, our South Wales training centre welcomes learners from Ledwood Engineering, where we will be delivering ECITB approved MJI10 joint integrity training and assessment. Based in Pembrokeshire, Ledwood is a leader in delivering projects, particularly in support of the energy and process sectors including heavy industry and specialises in working within complex, large facilities

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Wales at Heart

Wishing all our Welsh friends around the World a very Happy St. David’s Day! Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus