SAVE THE DATE – 18th April 2023

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers will be holding a seminar this April at the Argyll Ruane Engineering Training Centre, Sheffield that will bring together the UK industrial clusters from regions such as Humber, Tees Valley, Wales, Scotland and Solent. Here you will be able to find out more about the lessons learned and technological advances from these

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You Reap What You Sow….

You wouldnt expect to see incompetent and unqualified contractor welders on site to weld pipe spools and flanges, so why do I still see some COMAH sites accept contractors with no mechanical joint integrity qualifications to work on bolted flange joints? Are the sites; 💀 Not fully conversant with industry requirements? 💀 Just turning a

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You Reap What You Sow…

To all the UK COMAH* registered sites that are NOT; 💀 Complying with regulations💀 Complying with industry guidelines and standards💀 Investing in mechanical joint integrity training and competency💀 Setting site entry JI standards for contractor labour💀 Using controlled methods of bolting💀 Willing to invest in Best Practice💀 Recording data and using flange management programmes💀 Putting

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We don’t just support UK industry…

Ever since Zulu was first founded, we’ve supported global industry; undertaking site compliance audits and delivery of global standard joint integrity training – from oil refineries and gas plants to chemical and petrochemical facilities. Over the years we have forged long term business connections and friendships in various countries including Italy, France, Greece, UAE, China

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Too late….

That moment when asset senior management finally realise that if they took mechanical joint integrity seriously they wouldn’t have had so many leaks….and accidents…and environmental incidents etc etc .. Sometimes the penny drops and it’s far too late.