A word from our Director, Chris Mellows;

l am thrilled to be speaking at the ‘Bolted Joints: End To End Lifecycle’ seminar, April 23rd at Newcastle.

Hosted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Pressure Systems Group, this seminar will explore best practice and new developments in technology being applied across the lifecycle of bolted joints.

This comes at a critical time, as the growth of renewable and clean technologies including Hydrogen and CCUS provides fresh challenges for the pressure systems community. Furthermore, as equipment and assets in more mature sectors is operated close to or beyond their design-life, the highest standards of maintenance are crucial.

I will be joined by experts from operators and technology providers in industry, as well as academics and regulators such as Health and Safety Executive, EEMUA, University of Strathclyde, Flexitallic, Nord-Lock Group, Phillips 66 UK and RINA

Collectively we will give a full summary of the challenges from design through to decommissioning – with an additional emphasis on emerging challenges and case-studies on their solutions.

I will be speaking specifically on ensuring competency throughout the value chain;

Mechanical competency concerns within UK process industries

Industry standards and guidelines for mechanical joint integrity

Current mechanical joint integrity training courses and qualifications available to industry to help prove levels of competency (such as ECITB MJI, BS EN 1591-4:2013 and ASME PCC-1 2022 Appendix A).

I’m very much looking forward to taking part in this interesting and informative seminar.

If you are attending and would like to discuss the content of my chosen subject in more detail, please make sure to find me and meet up.

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