And so our struggle continues.

“You cannot unsee what has been seen! With all the will in the World, it stops me in my tracks when our business comes across situations like this. For those that follow me you would have no doubt seen the recent ‘grinding disc’ scenario and many more “Human Error” joint integrity defects that we are still finding in industry…on top tier COMAH sites!

And this is it – this is the reality that we face. In my very humble but well balanced opinion, competency levels are at a tipping point in industry and although there have been many strides forward in terms of regulatory compliance by owner/operators it really is about time that everyone woke up to reality. It may sound harsh (and probably dramatic) to say that many assets have been operating on pure luck but its about time the bubbles were burst, statements such as “we’ve always done it this way” and attitudes change – for the better. This certainly isn’t the first or last issue that we highlight but I’d like to think that the pennies are starting to drop – before the cost of doing nothing seriously outweighs the cost of starting the journey to a safe and timely, leak free start-up of plant.”

Chris Mellows – General Manager

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