Process Operators play a critical role in industry – they serve as a facility’s first line of defence.

They are the eyes and the ears of a process plant. Therefore, operators are optimally positioned to resolve issues before they escalate and become catastrophic.

As part of operator driven reliability, they should be able to detect equipment and process abnormalities, as operators not only control the process but they also provide the primary surveillance on equipment operability.

Many operators receive ‘in-house’ training regarding process principles, technology and operations but very few receive specialist training such as mechanical joint integrity of bolted joints, human factors, safe isolation of plant and equipment, lined pipe, valve operations and more…

Well-trained operations personnel have the ability to operate safer and more efficiently if suitably trained and are therefore of significant value to any facility.

We have expanded our scope of existing training to now include delivery of a dedicated learning suite of courses for process operators.

For further information regarding our training courses, please contact our team on 01246 209680 or email us at

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