And so our struggle continues.

“You cannot unsee what has been seen! With all the will in the World, it stops me in my tracks when our business comes across situations like this. For those that follow me you would have no doubt seen the recent ‘grinding disc’ scenario and many more “Human Error” joint integrity defects that we are

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The Times They Are A-Changin’ …..

“It’s almost ten years since I founded Zulu and over that time our business has witnessed many changes in industry. But over the last 18 months I can honestly say that the UK steel and metals industry has undertaken a significant step change in attitude and behaviour to joint integrity of bolted joints. Traditionally, the

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Last week we traveled to Venice where we have successfully delivered EN1591-4:2013 standard joint integrity training to a delegation of Italy’s premier gasket manufacturer – CF Service It was encouraging to see such high standards of best practice being undertaken by all the delegates.

What a great start to the New Year!

This month see’s us travelling to Italy to deliver European standard joint integrity training and assessment to our newest overseas client. This only demonstrates that proving competency regarding mechanical joint integrity is a global concern and we applaud all those companies that are taking the steps toward coaching, assessing and training their personnel with the

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We are delighted to announce that we have moved into our new premises. Our new operational facility includes a dedicated joint integrity training suite – including classroom and practical assessment areas to allow delivery of training, coaching and instruction to UK, European and American industry standard joint integrity qualifications. Watch this space for photos and

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They say to give credit when credit is due…

Today we are continuing to deliver BS EN 1591-4:2013 joint integrity training and assessment to Tata Steel apprentices at their impressive training academy located at Port Talbot works. Adherence to regulatory compliance, industry guidelines and best practice to prevent process leaks includes proving competency – this is currently a hot topic in UK industry and

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Training & Assessment to Tata Steel

This week we are delivering BS EN 1591-4:2013 joint integrity training and assessment to Tata Steel mechanical apprentices at the very impressive training facility at Port Talbot works. This training and assessment forms part of Tata Steel’s commitment in ensuring that its future mechanical personnel have the underpinning knowledge and skill set to undertake mechanical

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