Business Development Mission in China

Our joint integrity management and training services has seen us achieve rapid growth in 2019 with some very exciting projects and opportunities. This week has seen Founder and Director Christopher Mellows travelling to China to continue support the chemical industry in assuring a safe and timely leak free start-up.

Our business development mission to China has so far been everything that we expected and more. These last few days in Shanghai has seen positive reaction and engagement with potential clients. After conducting site wide audits Jerry Mcintyre and I are delivering high level presentations to senior management. Once again we are seeing very encouraging and positive discussion regarding our joint integrity management and training services. Joint integrity of bolted joints knows no geographical boundaries. I hope all our hard work, drive and passion for the subject matter of leak prevention will be met with further positivity for our final day on site before returning to Shanghai and on to the UK on Thursday. ” Christopher Mellows, Director at Zulu Joint Integrity

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