Chemical Industry

chemical Industry

Zulu has provided an independent  joint integrity QA service to the UK chemical industry since December 2009. Our clients range from silicon based manufacturing, agrochemicals, specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals particularly top tier COMAH assets. We provide turnaround/shutdown support as well as project and commissioning services to ensure a safe leak free start-up of plant. For some of our clients we have a permanent site presence. Since March 2010 approximately 230,000 bolted flanges have gone through our Flange Inspection & Joint Integrity (FIJI)process. This process has become an official Risk Control Procedure for  some of our clients and forms part of their annual COMAH report

Since 2011, our joint integrity procedures have been used at China’s largest facility of it’s kind and is among the world’s biggest and most advanced integrated silicone production sites. From initial audit and feasibility study through to training of maintenance personnel and implementation, the system is now being used for turnarounds/shutdowns and day to day maintenance activities.

Our role on all our clients’ sites is to help ensure that all mechanical work has been completed correctly before the maintained items are pressure tested and subsequently returned to service.