Oil Refinery – HF Alkylation


This project took place at the 220,000 bbl/day oil refinery located at Coryton, Essex during the 2009 Cracking complex maintenance turnaround.

The project was specifically to undertake a critical flange inspection and joint integrity  program on the hydrofluoric acid (HF)Alkylation plant.

A target of approximately 1200 flanges were QA/QC inspected in accordance with API 751 standard as well as a refinery commitment to the UK Health & Safety Executive that all prime and trace acid flanges were to be inspected within a three year TAR cycle. This was a considerable undertaking and formed part of the critical path maintenance activities for the asset.

Zulu was tasked with managing the flange inspection project as well as designing and delivering specific training in relation to joint integrity and flange inspection.