When the unthinkable happens…

Blog post by Christopher Mellows Four years ago my colleague and I carried out a compliance audit on a large chemical plant. Part of the audit was to observe working practices, to understand the culture of the organisation and to physically view and inspect a selection of bolted flange joints.For obvious reasons I cannot divulge

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What is LDAR?

“I’m sometimes asked what is meant by LDAR, so I’ve written a short article that explains the process and its importance. Whether you’re new to LDAR or just curious, this piece is for you. What is LDAR? | LinkedIn” Dr Gavin Smith, Technical Director of Phoenix Technology Group Ltd. This is the first in series

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When “that’s fine” isn’t fine….

When “that’s fine” isn’t fine.. | LinkedIn Here’s a recent article by Chris Mellows, Director of Zulu Joint Integrity and Training regarding flange make-up tolerances and why the phrase “that’s fine” often isn’t the case. Only too often our QA/flange inspection teams witness misaligned bolted flange joints. At our new Centre of Excellence, we deliver

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Training during a pandemic

The current pandemic has allowed us to step back and re-think the ways in which we provide our services, including delivery of training. For example – while our Tata Steel UK apprentices are attending one of our industry approved joint integrity courses at our South Wales training centre, Christopher Mellows has been delivering online training to learners

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A very wet but enjoyable day in Pembroke!

Clive Haste and Christopher Mellows have been delivering industry recognised joint integrity training to learners from Jenkins & Davies Engineering Ltd. Congratulations Josh Hawkes, Wayne Murphy and Darren Potter on passing the written test and practical assessment. Lots of positive engagement and discussion from all the learners regarding the course content and its relevance to

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Utilising our total group services, it’s such a good feeling to forge new relationships within the UK’s LNG industry sector. Zulu Joint Integrity & Training LtdPhoenix Sealing