We’ve had a great two days exhibiting at CHEMUK. Brilliant to see a lot of familiar faces, and many new ones and to discuss our total package of leak prevention services, ensuring environmental compliance for the UK chemical industry. Feel free to e-mail us with any requirements at #chemicalindustry#compliance#environmental#chemuk2022

Elephant in the room

There’s been an elephant in the room for quite some time. It’s still there. And will continue to be there until we start addressing it. But what is it? It’s the first UK nuclear power station to be built in a generation. And we should address it sooner rather than later. Why? Because this incredible,

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We don’t just invest in people….

Our new Phoenix Technology Group water jet cutter has arrived and is now installed and ready to start manufacturing. This machine allows seamless manufacture and extends our range of sealing products such as metallic gaskets. In fact it can cut through plastic, composite, stone, glass, wood and many other materials – a wonderful addition to our sealing

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A Full Week North of the Boarder

Andy Williams has been heading up our mobile joint integrity training team all week in Grangemouth. It’s always a pleasure to return to Scotland and deliver our industry approved joint integrity competency training and assessment course. Great people and plenty of positive interaction.

Leak Detection in the Biogas Industry

Biogas is renewable energy source created when organic materials (plant and animal products) arebroken down (eaten) by bacteria in an oxygen free environment, a process known as anaerobicdigestion. This process occurs naturally in oxygen depleted places such as soils, landfill sites andmarches, but it can also be reproduced under controlled and contained conditions in special

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Mechanical Joint Integrity – The State of The Nation

Christopher Mellows, Director of Zulu Joint Integrity and Training has been asked to deliver a technical lecture next February to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), South Wales region. “I’m absolutely thrilled (and humbled) to have been asked to deliver a technical lecture next February to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), South Wales region.

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Change ‘CAN’ be a good thing..

“It’s been great to see ‘T Bone’ Stephen Jones settle in to his new position within our business. Steve has come from the world of corporate structure; having more than 25 plus years with Dow Corning and Dow Silicones UK Ltd. To some the change would be a shock to the system but Steve’s professionalism and steadfast

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“I’ve heard some really good things recently on LinkedIn about the 3 hour site induction at P66 Humber Refinery and today I experienced it first hand. When I say ‘experience’, that’s exactly what it was. Total kudos to Phillips 66 and Brad Francis for producing the best turnaround site induction I’ve ever seen (and I’ve taken part in many

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We have recently been joined by Jamie Fingland (left) and Ian Maidens to participate in a number of demonstrations and seminars to showcase our leak detection division. In addition to our joint integrity management and training services, we now also offer LDAR (Leak Detection And Repair) services to the South Wales/South West region of the UK. So

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