Zulu Joint Integrity and Training Ltd offer ASME PCC-1-2019 training course from our training centre in Bridgend, South Wales

Course Content

  • Describe the principles of joint design and reliability
  • Explain the “nuts and bolts” of nuts and bolts
  • Explain the concept of “load” as a bolting goal
  • Describe ways to accomplish “load” (torqueing and tensioning)
  • Identify factors affecting proper “load” and how to compensate for
  • Identify the correct selection and installation of gaskets
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of various bolting
    methods and where to use them
  • Identify assembly procedures (bolting patterns, incremental
    tightening, etc.)
  • Explain work planning and preparation (tools, hardware, bolting
    plan, safety checklists)


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