Joint Integrity Training & Assessment

Bolted joints are just as critical as welded joints. Compare the skill requirements of a welder and that of a mechanical Technician who has assembled and tightened any bolted flange connection. Legislation recognises that skill levels must be compatible and there must be a clear audit trail of competence. We deliver joint integrity training and assessment courses to industry for bolted joint assembly principles in accordance with;

In addition to the regulative and accredited training, we also offer the following training courses;

  • Pipework – Breaking Containment
  • Human Error / Human Factors
  • Gasket & Sealing Technology
  • Valve training for Process Operators

All training courses are aligned to industry best practice and provide a blend of sealing technology and practical elements associated with flange assembly.

Our joint integrity courses provide the knowledge and practical skills required for dismantling and assembling flanged connections in pipelines as used in the process industry (particularly hazardous Industries).

Candidates will learn about the various types of joints, gaskets and bolts and lubrication as well as the necessary skills required in the use of hand torque loading and sequential tightening techniques.

Candidates will also understand the meaning of joint integrity management and the global guidelines and legislation that are required, including identification, inspection and compliance through associated documentation.

We operate on a global scale

In addition to our UK coverage, we have successfully delivered training to several clients across the European continent. In 2019 we have expanded our scope to South East Asia (including China and Malaysia). It is our intention to further expand our capabilities into the Middle East region and Americas.