“Just say it as it is”…

Client satisfaction is key to our business. It allows us to benchmark ourselves and improve our services. It also reinforces our belief that we are making a positive impact and delivering value. We certainly don’t take it for granted but rather use it as an opportunity for learning and business growth along with our staff morale. Our long term success is based on many things and customer satisfaction is very important to our reputation and credibility.

We just don’t deliver a list of joint integrity services – we pride ourselves on delivering strong, long term relationships and partnerships with our clients.

Navigator Terminals is no exception. As the UK’s leading independent bulk liquid storage provider, it’s important to maintain the integrity of bolted flange joints in piping systems for crude, petroleum, chemical, bitumen, liquefied gas and biofuel products. Their commitment to ensuring mechanical competency for their employees when working on bolted joints allows them to comply with relevant industry regulations, industry standards, guidelines and best practice to prevent loss of primary containment.

Our partnership for delivery of joint integrity training to Navigator Terminals is strengthened through customer satisfaction and I am thrilled to have received such positive feedback from Adam Gibson, Operations Manager at Windmill Terminal.

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