Lets clear the mist..

We’ve been asked the same question several times over the last few months, so I’d like to clarify a few things regarding the mechanical joint integrity scheme developed by ECITB

Just by attending (and passing) an MJI10 course, does not make you competent. Competency is built upon many things including qualifications, knowledge, skills and understanding and of course experience – that is why there is a clear 4 step route to competency set up to allow learners a clear and structured path to achieve a level of competence that is recognised throughout industry.

Stage 2 (work based task assignment and site experience) is an integral part of the journey. Without it, how can anyone prove that they are continually working with bolted flange joints on pressurised systems. Sadly we rarely see any evidence that stage 2 is being completed successfully before moving on to the technical test of stage 3. We would love to hear from any other test providers if they are witnessing the same.

It also still amazes us that there are those who truly believe that the initial MJI10 certificate lasts for three years!

Lets be clear on this – without completing the TMJI technical test, the initial MJI10 certificate will expire after 12 months.

In a time where we are worried about mechanical competency and our shortage of skill levels across all industries, please can we try and get a grip on our certification schemes and training programmes.

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