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If you are based in Wales/South West England and are looking to develop your career, learn new skills and attend a competency based joint integrity training course that leads to an industry recognised qualification, call our team at our training and development centre at Bridgend, South Wales to book your place;

Ideal for learners with prior mechanical or piping experience.

This qualification is assessed through a combination of formative question and answer sessions, formative tests, a written theory test and practical exercises.

* Health and Safety in Bolted Assembly / Disassembly
* Principles of Bolting
* Principles of Flanges
* Principles of Gaskets
* Principles of Industrial Fasteners
* Principles of Compact Flanges
* Principles of Hub and Clamp Pipe Connections
* Principles of Torque Tightening
* Alternatives to Torque
* Flange Joint Assembly Techniques
* Bolted Joint Assembly using Manual Torque Equipment

Off shore installations, oil and gas, nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, steel process plants.

This is an essential competency based qualification and a minimum requirement on some UK sites.

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Tel: 01246 209680

email: info@zulujointintegrity.co.uk

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