Magnificent 7!

Here’s our team of joint integrity technicians at Phillips 66 Humber Refinery.

These guys will be visually inspecting and torque checking all bolted joints made during the ongoing turnaround event at site to ensure that regulatory compliance, industry guidelines and site critical standards for mechanical joint integrity are met at all times.

Their role is vital in terms of independently inspecting bolted flanged joints prior to plant start-up and between them they have a wealth of experience and qualifications to undertake the role professionally, with independence and a high level of integrity.

In the UK, Phillips 66 is leading the way in terms of developing a class leading programme that embraces the subject of mechanical joint integrity and preventing loss of primary containment and we are proud to be part of that programme.

Good luck to all Zulu team members 👌🏻

“We help prevent the unthinkable..”

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