Message from Christopher Mellows

To have an opportunity to meet with the Health and Safety Executive, asset owner/operators, institutions and authorities, academia, equipment/gasket OEM’s and service providers and subject matter experts to discuss all things ‘mechanical joint integrity’ is absolutely priceless.

I strongly believe that we need far more collaboration across all sectors of our process industries to address the current issues and concerns regarding ageing assets, compliance and mechanical skills/competency.

I conclude that yesterdays event was a catalyst to take this forward. Our flight home was delayed, so I had plenty of time to get the cogs in my head turning – I would be interested in discussing further with likeminded industry representatives and leaders.

Who knows, we may even be able to make a change things for the better?… There were lots of people I met at the event who like me are beating a drum for compliance; what we need now is to develop a full scale orchestra 👌🏻
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