New Services

We now offer a wide range of joint integrity services including;

1. On-site joint integrity bench marking audits and site surveys

2. Design & execution of joint integrity procedures that comply with regulatory compliance, industry guidelines and best practice

3. Joint integrity management support for shutdowns, turnarounds, maintenance, projects and commissioning of new plant

4. Independent QA/flange inspection (particularly high critical flanges and equipment)

5. Flange tagging & flange register/database management

6. training and assessment courses for bolted joint assembly principles in accordance with;

* BS EN 1591-4:2013

* ECITB MJI10/MJI11 and Technical units

* ASME-PCC-1-2013 (Appendix A)

* Energy Institute Guidelines In addition to the regulative and accredited training, we also offer the following in-house courses;

* Human Error / Human Factors

* Pipe work – Breaking Containment

* Safe isolation of plant and equipment

* Gasket & Sealing Technology

* Valve training for Process Operators Contact us for further details;

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