Reducing Loss of Primary Containment (LOPC’s) is a key factor to improving reliability of any asset.

Leak reduction is paramount on all COMAH sites due to the hazards and greater legal and regulatory compliance – ensuring a measured reduction in accidents and environmental incidents whilst improving systems and procedures, quality of work and competence of personnel.

We have been supporting industry for nearly thirteen years to reduce loss of containment; by giving professional advice, technical support and conducting compliance audits to ensure that industrial sites meet the required criteria.

In addition, we work with asset owners to design and implement joint integrity processes and procedures, we conduct critical flange inspection of bolted joints and deliver industry approved mechanical joint integrity training and assessment courses to global standards.

With our total group services we also supply our UK manufactured gaskets and sealing products and conduct leak detection (LDAR) surveys using the most advanced technology in order to reduce the emissions of fugitive volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

Our teams work across the UK and beyond – supporting turnarounds, shutdowns and projects in all sectors including oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, steel making, power generation, utilities and nuclear.

We offer a unique and complete package of leak prevention products and services and our business journey will continue into 2023 where we will soon be revealing additional services to help deliver improvements and compliance to industry.

We listen to our clients’ needs and work with them to achieve their compliance goals.

For more details about our business and how we can support you, contact us;

01246 209680
Zulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd
Phoenix Technology Group
Phoenix SealingLDAR Envolve

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