Silly season is upon us!!

Yes folks, it’s that time again where we see multiple maintenance turnarounds within our COMAH industries (strangely all planned at the same time)…

And that means only one thing; CLOWNS! 🤡 🎈 🔧

Recognise this chap?

No neither do I but I’ve seen plenty of his type every year. You can’t miss him, although he can change coveralls multiple times during the turnaround so you may not catch what company he works for. Previous jobs include ‘Baker’ and ‘Candlestick Maker’. He loves chasing the money and strangely disappears in a puff of smoke when his shoddy work is found out.
He’s the type of guy that would use a micrometer as a ‘G’ clamp or a slitting disc as a gasket (we have the evidence, I kid you not). He wouldn’t know a torque wrench if it hit him square in the snout.

His type continue to slip through the net and every year there seems to be more and more of them out there – taking hazardous pipework apart and then assembling it all back together, with disastrous consequences.

As the asset owner, what are you doing about it? The good news is that many COMAH sites have already addressed the mechanical competency concerns faced by UK industry and have already set mechanical joint integrity standards in terms of qualifications and proving competency BUT not every site..

As a COMAH registered asset, you have a legal duty to ensure the safety of those on site and to the outside community. This includes having competent and trained personnel (including contractor companies) to undertake maintenance activities in high risk process environments – working with bolted flange joints.

Maybe it’s about time you started taking things seriously.

Before it’s too late.

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