Supporting Welsh Industry

The importance of having the necessary engineering skills for the future carbon capture and hydrogen network industries in Wales cannot be overstated.

The UK government has outlined ambitious plans for carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS), as well as hydrogen deployment. These sectors have the potential to create thousands of jobs. Skilled engineers are needed to design, build, and operate CCUS facilities, hydrogen production plants, and associated infrastructure. By investing in engineering skills, Wales can foster economic growth and job opportunities.

Unfortunately, there has been a decline in engineering apprenticeships in recent years. According to the UK’s Department for Education, apprenticeship starts in engineering and manufacturing fell from 75,050 in 2016/17 to 49,110 in 2021/22. To bridge this gap, industry stakeholders must actively promote careers in engineering.

Outreach programs, apprenticeships, and educational initiatives can inspire young talent to pursue engineering paths aligned with the green transition.

In South Wales we are experiencing the loss of highly skilled workers within the steel industry and we must ensure that everyone there is given the opportunity to learn new skills, to re-train and to enhance their current skill and competency standards. The current oil/gas, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries are already witnessing the effects of poor competency levels and are crying out for skilled personnel.

The Celtic Freeport status at Port Talbot and the potential investment of new industrial facilities in the surrounding area will require engineering skills and therefore it is essential to invest in the traditional engineering trades to begin driving economic prosperity and technological progress.

Zulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd and JES Group Ltd The Skills Academy have already pledged a commitment of supporting Welsh industry and in particular the Port Talbot industrial area, however we cannot do this alone. We urge other engineering companies to join us in our endeavours and fly a flag for South Wales that signals the capability and capacity of our industry’s workforce.

If you would like to discuss our collaboration and share our vision, please contact the following;

Zulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd (Centre of Excellence)
Tel: 01656 523273 / 0772420128
Email: (Chris Mellows, Director)

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