Now in it’s third edition, this very important document describes the principles and best practice for the establishment of a management system for bolted joints in pressurised systems, including (but not limited to); ✅ Ownership and integration✅ The principles of joint assembly and disassembly✅ Controlled tightening of bolted joints✅ Critical assessment✅ Training and competency✅ Records,

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Phase 2

The second development phase of our Centre of Excellence near Bridgend, South Wales is well underway. In addition to managing and supporting our QA/flange inspection services for UK projects and turnaround events, this second phase will also allow us to double our capacity to deliver industry approved mechanical joint integrity courses (ECITB MJI10, ASME PCC-1

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Well done Jodi Annette for becoming our latest ECITB approved trainer and examiner for MJI/TMJI mechanical joint integrity courses.


Let’s face it, we all knew that 2024 was going to be a very busy year for the UK’s process industries. Most of the major oil refineries and chemical plants have large turnaround events taking place between now and October (all at the same time it seems – but that’s another story). So, silly season

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Tuesday 6th February

We have been supporting bp and Briggs Marine for nearly nine years and to continue our ongoing training programme for their UK bulk storage terminals, our Jodi Annette visits the Buncefield terminal at Hemel Hempstead to deliver our industry approved joint integrity training. Often overlooked (in terms of mechanical joint integrity) bulk storage terminals are

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Monday 5th January

We welcome another cohort of management and sales team from Lokring UK and Ireland to attend our industry approved mechanical joint integrity training course at our new South Wales Centre of Excellence. Once again we’re looking forward to some very interesting and open discussion.


TEACH ME AND I REMEMBER INVOLVE ME AND I LEARN When we deliver our joint integrity training, we emphasise the ‘why’ not just the ‘how’. It’s crucial for the learning experience. Beyond the ‘how’ lies a deeper comprehension of the underlying principles, fostering a comprehensive engagement and understanding among learners. We have invested heavily in

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LDAR Services in Nigeria

We are pleased to announce the signing of a long-term contract with a leading oil and gas service company for leak detection and repair services in Nigeria, a move that further strengthens our international presence. This collaboration follows a successful visit to the country, where we implemented our LDAR program at an oil and gas

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If there’s anything worse than loose bolts..

It’s NO bolts!! Found by us during a compliance audit at site – sadly not the only one. Our QA teams are still finding far too many issues with bolted flange joints in the chemical industry. Loose bolts, over-torqued bolts, no bolts, short bolts, incorrect type/size gasket, no gasket! no bolt lubrication, misalignment….the list is

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When the unthinkable happens…

Blog post by Christopher Mellows Four years ago my colleague and I carried out a compliance audit on a large chemical plant. Part of the audit was to observe working practices, to understand the culture of the organisation and to physically view and inspect a selection of bolted flange joints.For obvious reasons I cannot divulge

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