LDAR Services in Nigeria

We are pleased to announce the signing of a long-term contract with a leading oil and gas service company for leak detection and repair services in Nigeria, a move that further strengthens our international presence. This collaboration follows a successful visit to the country, where we implemented our LDAR program at an oil and gas

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What is LDAR?

“I’m sometimes asked what is meant by LDAR, so I’ve written a short article that explains the process and its importance. Whether you’re new to LDAR or just curious, this piece is for you. What is LDAR? | LinkedIn” Dr Gavin Smith, Technical Director of Phoenix Technology Group Ltd. This is the first in series

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It’s a science!

There are many who truly believe that the making of a bolted flange joint is a simple process that requires very little skill or understanding – maybe that’s a contributing factor to our current worrying mechanical competency standards in the UK? How wrong can they be? Bolted flange joints rely on the interaction between the

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Supporting Bulk Storage Terminals

This year we continue to support UK bulk storage terminals with our joint integrity services; ✅ Industry approved competency based training courses✅ Gasket and sealing products✅ Technical support✅ Leak detection services (hydrocarbon/gas) Contact our team to discuss our full range of services; info@zulujointintegrity.co.uk01246 209680