Internal Audit Training

Today our Director Chris Mellows is delivering internal audit training to staff at our Phoenix Technology Group gasket manufacturing facility in Chesterfield.

All coming together…

The last nine months have been some of the most exciting to date within the Phoenix Group. We have watched our new Zulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd premises being built from nothing into what will become our joint integrity centre of excellence. We’re nearly there! Our new South Wales joint integrity training centre will be fully

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Supporting Bulk Storage Terminals

This year we continue to support UK bulk storage terminals with our joint integrity services; ✅ Industry approved competency based training courses✅ Gasket and sealing products✅ Technical support✅ Leak detection services (hydrocarbon/gas) Contact our team to discuss our full range of services; 209680

Leak Detection in the Biogas Industry

Biogas is renewable energy source created when organic materials (plant and animal products) arebroken down (eaten) by bacteria in an oxygen free environment, a process known as anaerobicdigestion. This process occurs naturally in oxygen depleted places such as soils, landfill sites andmarches, but it can also be reproduced under controlled and contained conditions in special

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As part of our ‘full circle’ mechanical integrity solutions to all industry sectors, our group capability via Phoenix Sealing includes a full range of our manufactured spiral wound gaskets and ring type joints. Please contact us to discuss your metallic gasket requirements.

Great to see our sister company Phoenix Sealing manufacturing and providing gaskets and seals to a main contractor for use in our hospitals throughout the UK