Think of the relationship between an industrial asset and mechanical joint integrity of bolted joints as a finely tuned machine and its internal parts.

Although each ‘cog’ has an individual purpose, collectively they form an efficient machine. If a cog fails, then the machine will ultimately break down. In the same way that the performance and efficiency of an asset will be adversely affected if the individual processes are ignored, abused or not strictly adhered to.

The Energy Institute ‘Guidelines for the management of the integrity of bolted joints for pressurised systems’ is an invaluable industry approved guideline to ensure regulatory compliance. If the machine represents the asset, then the cogs within it represent the underlying principles and guidelines to ensure a leak free process environment. These are defined within the Energy Institute guidelines as;

1) Ownership

2) Technology & Practice

3) Critical Assessment

4) Training & Competency

5) Data Management, Records and Tagging

6) In-service Inspection

7) Management of Leaks

8) Analysis, Learning & Improvement

Leaking bolted joints are a main cause of hydrocarbon release and loss of primary containment in all industry sectors. The consequential costs of shutdown and repair can be very high. The aim of these guidelines is to provide all operators with a framework for the management of bolted joints and to assist in the development of their own processes to meet the principles of the guidelines.

We base all our joint integrity services around the principles held within these guidelines and by utilising our full group capabilities and strengths, we can help guide owner/operators through the initial processes of setting up a joint integrity system and all its fundamental components, through to monitoring and continued operation to ensure complete compliance to specification.

For further details regarding our joint integrity management, training, auditing, technical support, gasket technology and leak detection services, please contact our team to discuss further

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