The domino effect

The domino effect – a situation in which something (usually bad) happens, causing other similar events to happen – particularly if there are no control measures in place.

Ignorance to regulatory compliance and industry guidelines is no excuse.

To prevent adverse events, you need to provide effective risk control measures which address the immediate, underlying and root causes of process failure. For those that have yet to start the journey of joint integrity compliance the dominoes are already stacked up and ready to fall…

We can help guide you through the control measures required to operative a functional and successful joint integrity process. Our services include;

✅Client representative
✅Joint Integrity consultancy services
✅Regulatory/procedure guidance
✅Benchmarking and compliance site audits
✅Independent inspection of bolted joints for critical process pipework
✅Flange management/disturbed parts list management
✅Gasket and sealing technical support
✅Industry recognised training (ECITB MJI10/BS EN 1591-4:2013)
✅Competency assessment of personnel
✅Leak detection (LDAR) services

Contact our team for further details;
Zulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd

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