“A benefit or advantage that will improve a situation in the long term”

Chris Mellows, Director Zulu Joint Integrity and Training recently spoke at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers ‘Bolted Joint’ seminar in Newcastle and it was evident that all those present fully supported an industry wide collaborative approach to address the UK wide skills gap problem.
From industry experts, the Health and Safety Executive and academia through to OEM’s, training providers, contracting companies and owner/operators, the fear of not being able to supply sufficient numbers of qualified and competent workers to UK industry was a topic that was repeated and discussed in depth.

Our existing process industries are already suffering the effects of an ageing workforce, lack of apprenticeships and the ongoing saga of incompetent workers. The incoming industries such as carbon capture and the hydrogen network along with existing and future nuclear build projects will only see things get worse – UNLESS we take things seriously, sit around that collective table and start discussing how we tackle this issue.

UK-wide we need to step up to the mark NOW. For the greater good.

Chris is always available to listen and be part of this discussion –

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