The Times They Are A-Changin’ …..

“It’s almost ten years since I founded Zulu and over that time our business has witnessed many changes in industry. But over the last 18 months I can honestly say that the UK steel and metals industry has undertaken a significant step change in attitude and behaviour to joint integrity of bolted joints.

Traditionally, the oil and petrochemical industries have lead the way in terms of adhering to regulatory compliance, industry guidelines and best practice and although these industries still conform it has become noticeable that the ‘non traditional’ steel and metals industry is beginning to narrow the gap.

We are proud to support such an industry in terms of joint integrity management and training. We are completely dedicated in working with our newest clients at every stage of their journey to ensure that they help raise the bar in terms of proving competence of their workforce (and contractors) and reduce their environmental impact to achieve zero emissions and obtain a safe, leak free start-up of plant – improving safety, quality and environmental standards

BIG kudos to all our clients – you know who you are.”

Christopher Mellows – General Manager

+44 (0)800 022 33 54

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