Training Collaboration

Zulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd has joined forces with JES Group Ltd to develop mechanical engineering skill levels and competency throughout the South Wales region.

It was great to meet the team at the Skills Academy in Port Talbot earlier this week. Kudos to all involved for having the vision in developing this and agreeing to collaborate with our business.

The collaboration between Zulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd and JES Group Ltd, along with the development of the training academy, demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing the skills gap in the mechanical engineering field.

Our focus on industry-approved mechanical joint integrity training, combined with the offerings at The Skills Academy, is a comprehensive approach to providing learners with a well-rounded education in mechanical engineering.

Both companies are passionate and committed to making a significant impact on the development of talent in this area and we are looking forward to receiving our first cohort of learners to our joint integrity Centre of Excellence at Bridgend in March.

Link to JES Group website:

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