UK Water Industry

Reducing leakage presents a significant technological challenge, and with approx. 347,000 kilometres of water pipes (enough to go around the world eight and a half times), UK water companies are adopting some of this latest technology to combat every leak.

Some leaks in water pipes are inevitable as pipes can become worn or damaged by freezing weather or the weight of traffic on roads for example – however ‘above ground’ pipelines with bolted joints can experience leaks because of factors such as bad practice or human error.

Our newest joint integrity training course for the energy and utilities sector will enable all learners to gain the underpinning knowledge and best practice to safely work on bolted joints using the correct tools with controlled bolting methods.
From water authorities to gas companies and contractors, we are here to fully support your competency based joint integrity training and assessment requirements.

Why not get in touch with our teams in Bridgend, South Wales and Chesterfield to discuss our course content, price and availability.

In addition to our industry approved training we also offer;

✅ Joint Integrity compliance audits
✅ LDAR leak detection services (hydrocarbon/gas detection)
✅ Supply of Phoenix Sealing gaskets and sealing products (Manufactured in the UK by our group)
✅ Technical Support and advice (sealing solutions, gasket information, torque etc)

Total leak prevention services for the UK energy and utilities sectors;

Zulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd
Phoenix Technology Group
Phoenix Sealing
LDAR Envolve

Tel: 01246 209680

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