Virtek LAserQC 

“We are often asked by our customers to reverse engineer gaskets and seals, and this can include measuring and drawing quite complex parts. Much as I enjoy whiling away two hours with my protractor and compass, I have to confess that our Virtek LAserQC is not only quicker, but less error prone!

The beauty of the Virtek machine is that in a matter of minutes the gasket can be inspected and drawn, and sent to our production team for cutting on our knife cutters. It means we can inspect, measure, cut and dispatch all in the same day.

If you have gaskets that need replacing but no drawings (or they are illegible) then we can help! In less time than it takes me to find my geometry set, we can have your gasket drawn and ready for cutting.” Dr Gavin Smith, Technical Director of Phoenix Technology Group

For more information on Gaskets please contact us or 01656 523273

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