Who Remembers The Word?

Sadly it’s something that is seldom used in industry these days and it’s no wonder why – there are no where near enough 4 year indentured engineering apprenticeships in our UK process industries.

From my biased mechanical background; for example the ability to strip a muti-stage pump in the workshop, take all the necessary checks and readings, re-machine or re-make parts on a lathe or milling machine, rebuild, test and re-install/align on site is a skill that is sadly in decline. The skills and competency that builds over a structured engineering apprenticeship cannot be replicated in short term ‘learning’ programmes.

Fitter/Turners, Pipe Fitters, Mechanical Fitters, Coded Welders – There’s a place for academia in all of this but we desperately need ‘hands on’ craftsmen and women.

For us to support our existing industries and to successfully build our future nuclear, carbon capture and hydrogen network projects we MUST invest NOW. We should have invested over the last thirty years, but instead there’s been a steady decline – if we mix this with an ageing workforce and of course the existing skills gap, then we are setting ourselves up for disaster.

We’ve all felt the pain during maintenance turnaround events. The carpet fitters, taxi drivers and butchers are beginning to outnumber the competent workers.

I know it, you know it…

Friday morning we will be waking up to a new Government* it seems – I only hope that they pick up the baton and drive our skills shortage problem across the UK.
Many of us have said it during recent IMechE Process Industries Division events; we need a focused approach to the UK skills shortage. A number of round table events consisting of asset owners, contractor companies, institutions, regulatory bodies, training providers – addressing the reality and working together for the greater good.

How can we make this happen? I’m always open to suggestions.

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